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    All KLR Boots fit true to size based on traditional Bannock device measurements. What is a Bannock device? Its the metal foot measuring device that was probably used to measure your foot when your parents purchased your first school shoes. Does the picture below bring back memories?
    Brannock Device
     We understand that you probably don't just have one of these laying around so we have developed the next best thing, a printable version! Simply click here to download a printable PDF that will measure your foot and give you the correct US shoe size. (Please note this is currently only available mens sizing)
    If you don't have a printer or just want to order now, the next best thing is to check what US shoe size you wear in sneakers. We use Nike for our internal fit tests and find that 99% of the time your size in Nike will also be your size in KLR. (If you wear a US10 Mens in Nike you will also fit a US10 Mens in KLR.)
    Our sizing conversion chart below is also helpful for trying to establish your size.
    KLR Boots Size Chart
    Remember we offer free shipping and free returns on all purchases, we are dedicated to finding the right style and fit for you!