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    What makes KLR different?

    We believe in ‘the value of tradition’, but only when it’s paired with innovation.

    Who are we? 
    KLR is a small group of committed, creative men and women with contemporary sensibilities who aren’t afraid to ask What if?

    What Guides us? 
    We have 3 core beliefs:

    1. Creativity. We believe that the modern man and woman are defined by their creativity.
    2. Originality. ‘How we express our creativity’ is what makes each of us unique. So we believe that creativity equals individuality; we believe that creativity deserves to be defended.
    3. Contemporary Heritage. At a glance a concept seemingly at odds with itself. However, choosing the best design elements from the world’s most timeless, proven, simple-yet-sophisticated patterns and interpreting them in a relevant modern way is our goal.

    So we have created a line of heritage-inspired boots that look “ahead of their time”. They’re about the ‘now’ and the ‘you’. Setting a new standard in creativity and craft, KLR boots are built from the best leathers in the world. Each pair is a graceful collision between robust tradition and fierce innovation.

    KLR is convergence: a world where Outdoor, Military and Motorcycle styles come together. KLR is joyful negotiation: classic designs break with the past to give you a new kind of boot that still feels timeless.